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Perfecting Customer Communication

Professional and consistent communication is gaining importance across industries. Our mission is to help companies perfect their customer interactions with proactive communications, using existing data and analytics from disparate systems. This approach has been proven to not only improve customer experience, but to do so by reducing costs and increasing efficiencies while perfecting communication with high quality, timely, and relevant customer communications.

In an environment of increased competition and decreased differentiation, companies need to communicate and interact with their customers to gain and retain the position of a preferred vendor. Assentis’ powerful, industry-neutral, multichannel, multilingual Customer Communications Management (CCM) solutions enable corporations to effectively generate highly personalized 1:1 communication, either through batch, ad hoc or interactive delivery, via multiple channels per each individual customer’s preference. Our solutions empower business to produce documents that are:

With DocFamily, ComFoundation and SolPortfolio corporations are empowered to remain competitive and retain existing as well as acquire new customers, through documents that are:

  • Relevant: Rule-based information offering maximum relevance to the reader.
  • Consistent: Multilingual and multichannel capabilities enabling consistency in message and branding across all communications.
  • Efficient: Integration with relevant systems and data within the organization increasing efficiencies through the document production process.
  • Timely: Real-time data integration capabilities and in-built process efficiencies ensuring timely creation and delivery of all documents.

Our mission to achieve perfection in customer communication is translated in our holistic solutions offering a thoroughgoing state of completeness and flawlessness. Assentis solutions bring added value for companies where customer communication management plays a crucial role:



Private Banking & Asset Management

  • Client Reporting
  • Investment Proposals
  • Product Descriptions / Brochures
  • Advices and Statements

Retail Banking

  • Statements
  • Mortgage and Savings Plans
  • Account Opening
  • Credit Card Statements
  • Trans Promo


  • Offers
  • Client Onboarding
  • Policies and Claims


  • Statements
  • Contracts



Registration Trainings

Template Creation and Layouting  
  • 05-06 June 2014
  • 08-09 September 2014
Document Production and Processing  
  • 11-13 June 2014
  • 10-12 September 2014
Interactive Document Creation and Concepts  
  • 16-18 June 2014
  • 15-17 September 2014