Gartner names Assentis as the leading niche player for CCM

Rotkreuz, April 5, 2016: Established banks and wealth management companies are facing game-changing competition from Google-Apple-Facebook-Amazon (GAFA), and disruptive FinTech platforms. In this new age of global digitalization, customer engagement and experience have become the key differentiator forcing traditional companies to swiftly upgrade to digitally powered communications.


Digital business, as per Gartner is revolutionizing how, when, and where communications between organizations and their customers are created and delivered.  With 100+ installations at global banks and insurance companies across Europe, Asia, and America, Assentis closely works with global customers, recognized as digital leaders to enhance its solutions and meet evolving customer communications demands.


As part of their due diligence, Gartner engaged with Assentis customers to assess how DocFamily and our suite of business solutions helped improve their communication process, reduce cost and deliver high quality relevant content. The direct and positive feedback from our customers influenced our ranking as the leading niche player in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Customer Communications Management 2015.


“Thanks to the strong and positive references from our financial services customers Assentis has been recognized as the leading global niche player in the Magic Quadrant. We see this as a validation from our customers of the high quality of Assentis solutions and services. We are humbled and pleased with our customers’ satisfaction with the quality of our products, our roadmap and overall performance.”… Matthias Werder, COO, Assentis Technologies.

Assentis has focused on perfecting customer communications solely for the financial services industry for more than a decade. Our laser focused niche market strategy allows us to concentrate on the needs of this industry and helps us gain a deep understanding of our customers and their customers’ needs, and their ability to stay engaged and communicate with customers.  Furthermore, our global banking customer base has influenced our solutions seamless compatibility to international standards and regulations along with multilingual capabilities.


“Our relentless commitment to innovation for the financial services industry across the globe helps define us as a niche player in a global market. Assentis is dedicated to continue this path and focus developing solutions for the financial services industry”. … Martin Kraehenbuehl, CEO, Assentis Technologies. Read full press release.

Assentis Technologies reaffirmed by Dun & Bradstreet as a company with high credit worthiness and economic stability

Rotkreuz, March 15, 2016 - For the third year in a row Assentis Technologies has received the Best Risk Class - #1 Risk indicator rating from Dun & Bradstreet. The #1 Risk Indicator ranking is awarded to companies with the highest level of credit worthiness and a minimal risk of failure.

Susi Enderli, CFO Assentis Technologies: “We are grateful for the trust our customers, partners and employees have vested in us over the years, and commit to maintaining the economic stability of the company at the same standards for years to come.”


Annual Report 2014
Assentis grows by 32 projects and 11 clients

Rotkreuz, February 27, 2015 – Assentis Technologies achieved a revenue growth of 35.1%. It leads into 2015 with a strong outlook.

“We are proud that 11 new clients and 10 existing clients invested in Assentis solutions in 2014” said Assentis CEO, Martin Krähenbühl. “With more than 30 projects initiated or running and 24 projects finalized, we accelerated the growth of our business.” 

Advancing digitalization for its clients Assentis Technologies increased investments in the continued development of its software and solutions. Specific investment programs were designed for each of the major solutions, with an emphasis on reporting functionalities, mobile capabilities, and cloud services. With the increased number of projects and investments in software development, Assentis Technologies also increased its workforce by 16.7%. It remains a challenge to find the right people.

In the financial year of 2014, Assentis Technologies recorded a revenue growth of 35.1% compared to 2013. The license business grew by approximately 50% and professional services achieved growth rates of more than 20%.

Despite the strong growth Assentis Technologies wants to maintain customer focus and a customer centricity program has been launched. This will strengthen the already solid pipeline figures and will give access to a broader geographic spread.

Accarda goes live with Assentis Solution for Customer Communication

Rotkreuz, September 1, 2014 – Accarda, leading provider of customer loyalty programs in the Swiss market, particularly customer cards with and without payment function as well as direct marketing promotions, goes live with the Assentis-based Accarda Output-Management solution (AOM). Accarda will benefit from enhanced flexibility in its customer communication, at lower cost and risks. Read full press release.

Assentis Technologies reaffirmed by Dun & Bradstreet as a company with high credit worthiness and economic stability, March 25, 2014 - Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) reaffirms Assentis Technologies as a company with the best risk class, a high credit worthiness and sound economic stability. Assentis thus confirms its top rating by D&B in 2013.

Martin Krähenbühl, CEO of Assentis Technologies says: "This reaffirmation by D&B confirms the continued economic stability and sound financial standing of Assentis. To all our customers, prospects and partners, I can confirm that we will pursue this path and maintain our top rating in the future."


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