Assentis Technologies is a leading software solutions provider specializing in Customer Communication Management (CCM) with focus on the financial services industry. Our solutions empower businesses to communicate with their clients.

We see ourselves as Swiss based innovators with global mindedness, diverse culture & openness. We see our staff as experts and professionals who enjoy solving problems. We see our products as stable, consistent and reliable solutions. We serve our clients with introducing physical and digital solutions. We love our clients large or small.

To maximise client experience by perfecting customer communication. Enable financial service providers to exchange relevant, timely and consistent information along all channels with their clients. All to empower businesses & increase process efficiency through automation.

Management Team

Leader in Europe, ambitious plans in the US and in Asia

Aspire Leaderboard 2019: Assentis achieves the highest rating as a CCM provider for the financial services industry in the European home market due to highly specialized solutions and profound business know-how. Financial service providers in the US and in Asia can now benefit from this.

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To learn more about Assentis in the US, please consult this recent interview with Richard Allin, Chief Revenue Officer at Assentis, who is responsible for developing the overall go-to-market plan and growth strategy for the Americas.

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